Inconceivable (Original Series)

Directed / Edited by: Joel Ashton McCarthy

Written by: Rachel Kirkpatrick / Joel McCarthy / Mike Doaga

Synopsis: After a brief fling, Rita (spiritually minded 24 year old who identifies as a lesbian that works as a mental health worker) and Adam (25 year old flamboyant, straight career obsessed filmmaker) decide that they are better off as friends than romantic partners. This realization changes drastically when a week later they find out they are pregnant due to a failed condom and a failed Plan b pill. After debating whether this anomaly is bad luck or destiny, Rita and Adam decide to keep the baby and enter the wild and crazy world of unplanned parenthood. A true story of what to expect when you’re not expecting.

EPISODE 1: Pilot

EPISODE 2: My Dream Life

EPISODE 3: Adulting

EPISODE 4: The Elephant in the Womb

EPISODE 5: Coming Out

EPISODE 6: Here We Go!

After a super well received Season 1. We are currently shopping to expand Inconceivable with hopes of turning it into a half hour episodic series.