Acting/Corporate/ and Photo Shoots


Acting Headshots (three looks-one price)

I have auditioned hundreds of actors and I know the kind of headshots director, producers, and agents are looking for.  I don’t want to make you look 20 years younger, I want to show the real you.  When you get your headshot taken from me, we will get you three different looks, perhaps it’s one for comedy, one for drama and one for commercials or maybe you want one Cocky,  one Shy, and one that makes you look like your still in high school. I want to show your strengths so you can have the appropriate headshots for the rolls your auditioning for.   I hire a professional costumer to help you decide wardrobe, and a professional hair and makeup artist to help bring these looks to life.  Contact me at joel@joelmccarthy.com for rates, and for more affordable headshots, book with a group of friends.


Corporate Headshots

Is you linked-in profile out of date? Perhaps you want to put a face to the name on your website?  Let me help with that.

I come to your place of work with a make-up artist (just so you don’t look shiny and sweaty in your pictures) and I can shoot consistent looking headshots for your management team or even your whole staff, the best part is takes very little time out of peoples work days, all you need to do is schedule your staff with time slots 10 minutes apart, and  we can shoot them all in one day.  We want to make your team look inviting so your customers will find you approachable and friendly before even meeting you.  Email me at joel@joelmccarthy.com for rates or questions.  Rates are dependant on how many people are getting headshots.

Here are some corpeorate headshot samples:

Absolute Software

Beatty Floors (coming soon)

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